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Mask Zhirong and others quickly heard about this incident.They knew that this group of people was actually compared by Jiang Hong alone.They suddenly stunned and worked harder to complete their tasks.At the same time, outside the Devil s C. astle, the action was being carried out fiercely.However, Ye Han s singularity is even shocked by Xuan Wei.For the people of Qi Shu Ge, it is far Mask beyond their imagination.At least among them, there isn t even a five character Mask sorcerer.In the face of a large piece of close knit, complicated, and hidden murderous five Mask piece, six product array, they are simply big.then One day passed and Mask there was no progress Mask in the break.Three days have passed, and there is still no progress in breaking the battle.Five days have passed, and there is still no progress in the break.Where are the people Mask in these strange theaters Let s wait until the day lily is cold.Surrounded by the army around the Devil s Castle, someone finally began to be impatient.Over the past few days, more and more strong people have come from all over the country, so that those who arrived in advance will gradually find that they have lost th

eir original advantages.If they continue, the people surrounded by the devil castle will become more and Mask more More, this means that even if it is able to break through the city and kill Mask Ye Han, the chances of getting good benefits will be smaller and smaller.As Mask a result, some people began to have a special mind, trying to quietly enter the protective array of the devil castle from.some corners. This attempt made them feel unexpected, because they easily touched into the big vw n95 battle.After confirming again and again, I was not caught in a illusion, and there was no danger around them.They were excited. Haha, those guys in the Wizards Club can just Mask go.Yeah, I haven t done it for so long, and I resperator mask 3m just walked in as soon as I left.Grandma s, I knew that it was so easy to come in, we fish dust mask don t have to wait for that long.Hey, don t sing, or else others will come in and do it.However, this kind of thing is obviously impossible to where to buy a respirator for rehydrating dry liquid glazes conceal, their sudden Mask disappearance quickly attracted the attention of others, and soon some people dust mask with a beard tried to do the same thing Mask with them, and as a result, most of them easily entered the Mask big array.within. In the meanti


me, everyone s face has become ugly.However, Qin De, Qin Yue and others all feel that something is wrong.When they still want to Mask do something, the scene has fallen into chaos.The 455th chapter rush There is an entrance here. Don t let people get ahead of Mask the game Outside the Devil s Castle defense, one breakthrough after another was discovered, and the scene was completely chaotic Everyone couldn t wait to rush in.At the beginning, they were just some of the division s little guys.Even the top ranking strong couldn t con. trol themselves, and they rushed inside.At the end of the day, many of the king level powerhouses can only rush with them quickly, otherwise they don t know what will happen.Qin De and Mask others originally Mask wanted to block everyone.However, at this time, the bloody barrier that had not been moved at all suddenly turned up.Both of them, Qin De and Qin Yue, were shocked. Mask Before they were hit by the bloody barrier, they left a psychological shadow.As a result, when they were dodging, most of them had already taken the opportunity to rush into the big array, and they could only rush in.However, as soon as they entered

the big battle, everyone was still safe at first, but soon they Mask began to encounter various attacks, and the results were quickly divided into small groups.When I saw this, how can everyone still know that this Mask is Ye Han s plot However, it is already a little late at this moment, and everyone can 3m respirator face mask only rush forward with a hard scalp.boom A violent explosion came respirator mask for chromium from a large array. However, there is a person with a force who is attacking a large array.As a result, the big bang crashed. Haha, I thought that there was a lot of horror in it, but it turned out to paint mask with foam disposable be the case.A leading class leader laughed loudly. However, his laughter has not yet landed, and another class le.vel powerhouse next to him suddenly Mask exclaimed No The clan level powerhouse has not reacted yet, and Mask he suddenly discovered that the surrounding battles Mask have changed drastically.In the blink of an eye, the original trapped battles turned into killings.Countless fires appeared out of disposable cpr mask keychain thin Mask air, and they surrounded them in the blink of an eye.For Mask a time, full face mask dust they fell into the danger of being even more terrible.In the big array, another position. A series of harsh collisi