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the first seal of the Witch Seal.This stuff has made him hunt everywhere, and Ye Han feels that it is extraordinary.Ye Han almost wants to start to understand the first witch However, after thinking about it, he finally suppressed the idea because he did not know how much time this enlightenment would take, and he did not know if he would make any vision.If it was too earth shattering, His troubles are big.Or wait until you get through the things in this city, find another suitable place, and then practice enlightenment.After finally calming down, Ye Han took out the crystal sign of the Ziwei woman who gave him the record of Ziwei.The glimpse of the spirit covered it, and there was.a lot of information in his mind. Hey, this Ziwei is really not only to cultivate the soul, but also related to the cultivation of the sword.Ye Han burst into a surprise. It is no wonder that Ye Han is so pleasantly surprised that the cultivation of the warlock is related to the spiritual knowledge.The cultivation of the warrior is also related to the soul, but it is different from the warlock.The cultivati

on of the soul by the military is mainly on the will, that is, the will of the martial art.The powerful warriors all have their own unique will, forming a unique power, and the power of the shot is even more respirator mask for smoke sale amazon terrible.For example, a swordsman with a sword, even the weakest sword, can give him a power that is several times stronger than the same order strongman.The powerful swordsman of the sword coronavirus construction can even colored surgical masks play dozens of times.Even hundreds of times the power of terror However, the martial arts will not be easy to cultivate, there are countless people in the world, and there are no ones who can cultivate the will of the martial arts.This aspect is because the martial arts will understand hard, and because most people do not know how to cultivate the martial sundstrom sr200 full face respirator mask arts will, they can cultivate.The soul of the martial arts will be less well known.Ye Han did not expect that the purple. dress woman gave him a soul to practice his skills, which is actually extra small mask n95 the skill of practicing the martial arts will.If the people of the world know that Ye Han is actually carrying such precious merits at this momen

t, I am afraid that there will be a large group of strong people in the world who want to hunt Ye Han.What kind of person is that mysterious woman Ye Han repeatedly thought of the purple woman who gave him this practice, the plain look, the more curious about this mysterious woman.However, even if Lin Yaner seems to have little knowledge of the purple woman s past, he is even less likely to know anything.Forget it, it s useless to think so much, or try to cultivate this skill first.Ye Han has just opened up the first Linghu Lake, and now it is just right to cultivate this secret of the soul.He couldn t wait to get to know the information read from the crystal characters.Gradually, he fell into a mysterious ethereal state, and it seemed that the whole body and mind were immersed in the merits.The most difficult thing to learn from the martial arts will be getting started.However, it seems that because of the variation of the soul, the spiritual knowledge has a different relationship with the ordinary people.Ye Han has easily crossed this threshold. Chapter 44 Ziwe.i Zhenzhen Booming In

the twinkling of an eye, the lake of the lake in the sea suddenly changed dramatically, like the hidden dragon in it, suddenly awakened and mad.brush At the time of the soul turbulence, Ye Han stood up and jumped out.When he arrived in the small courtyard, he slammed his fists.The dragon elephant magic boxing, the magic 3m battery powered respirator fire sword boxing, and some of the national martial arts that he learned in his previous life, were swept out by him, and the whole body was raging.However, somehow, he has not been able to find the feeling that will allow him to step out of this door.His casa verde philippines brow is deep and locked. He is like the same thing.His heart is suddenly clear yes, whether it is a dragon like great face masks a magic boxing, or a magical painting respirator fire boxing, or a national skill that I learned in my previous life, in fact, it particulate respirator mask definition is still a fist.How can I make a sword In an instant, a set of